Pipeline Services

GSP provide a full range of pigging, cleaning, hydra test and drying services for a complete turnkey approach.

Strategic partnership with pig manufacturers enable GSP to provide foam, wire brush and specialty pipeline pigs (scrapers) for all your pipeline cleaning and other applications in the piping and process industries.

With locations throughout the GCC, GSP can react quickly to clients requests and requirements.

Chemical Cleaning

GSP is a regional leader in the Chemical Cleaning of process equipment that help remove sludge, contaminants and even bio-fouling. It also helps eliminate mill scale, rust and water hardness deposits using minimum water.

We employ one of the most experienced teams and use the most technologically advanced equipment including boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, tanks, piping and hoses.

Water Milling

An Aqua based service which uses specially designed high pressure unbalanced nozzles with automated rotating equipment to clean pipes from 3″ up to 3m in diameter.

This process can cut Steam Blow time down by up to 50% saving on time and money.

GSP`s Water Milling equipment is remotely operated and therefore a very safe cleaning service that meets a wide range of pipeline cleaning services to suit your requirements.

Steam Blows

GSP utilizes an advance high-velocity, low-noise and low pressure steam blow process that provide the greatest cleaning effectiveness in the short possible time.

Noise levels are typically 80 – 100 dB at a distance of 30m from outlet which minimizes disruption to ongoing work activities.

Our system provide easy setup and removal, with complete drawings and procedures prior to our arrival thus saving days of critical start-up time.

Nitrogen Services

GSP provide Nitrogen Services for leak testing of vessels and pipelines, 10,000psi LN2 converter is used to achieve the required specifications.

Nitrogen and Helium are used to effectively locate any leaks in work packages, saving the client time and ensuring safety.

GSP also provide Nitrogen drying to achieve a high dew point (-70 deg C) for Pre-commissioning on large Oil & Gas projects.

Fin Fan Cooler Cleaning

For the cleaning of Fin Fan Cooler Exterior a tow stage cleaning process is used at GSP.

Stage 1: Foam cleaning which soaks the surface area of the finned tube in a gentle bath of a powerful cleaning solution which helps break the bond between the fins and the air-flow restricting dirt and debris.

Stage 2: Variable pressure hydro blasting calculates the right amount of pressure needed to wash the debris from cooler ensuring no fin damage.

Lube Oil System Flushing

GSP Oil Flush method uses a high velocity circulation and filtration system with full-flow filtration of the circulation oil.

These Flushing systems are individually engineered and use advanced filtration systems to help thoroughly clean the critical lubrication systems of turbines, generators, compressors, pumps and other rotating equipment.

This system allow clients to meet or exceed the most stringent particle count criteria set for lubricating. seal and hydraulic oil systems.


One of our most economical cleaning methods for your hard to clean system – ChemSteam is a combination of Chemical Cleaning and Steam Blows.

This provide a quicker, more thorough cleaning than steam alone and can be used on very large vessels using only a small percentage as compared to liquid filling the system.

It also results in less volume for disposal.


GSP Refinery and Petrochemical Decontamination service is a quicker, safer and more environment-friendly method of hydrocarbon removal.

We use specialty emulsifiers and detergents during steam out or at the start of turnaround or maintenance shutdown to remove both light and heavy hydrocarbon.

It can help shorten turnaround time by as much as three days and since it also allows the recovery of hydrocarbons that can be recycled back it means more cost saving for the clients.

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